comms | 2023 MAY | closed

Illustration Commissions

Illustration: starts at $180

sketch: starts at $80


-Rush order (takes priority over other orders, and done asap) +50%
-Off season (commission when NOT open) +100%
-Additional small changes not in initial submission will be +$15 ea
-$30/$60 off (sketch/illustration) if you commission my ocs + higher priority

·OCs \ Video Game Charas \ Anime Charas OK

1. Submit your info+refs as detailed as possible!
2. If I accept, I will DM you
3. I will then send the invoice!
4. Final Result will be shown to you when done
5. sketches can be shown if requested
6. Any mistakes or errors on my part will be fixed, free. Additional details not included in original submission will cost more.
7. Will be posted on my own discretion unless asked to remain private!
-$30/$60 (sketch/illustration) if you commission my ocs + higher priority